Math 5364
Course Progression

Jan 27Accounts, Excel Introduction

Excel PreTest
Well-water Data

Internet References
Class survey

Example 1 Worksheet
Grade Book Worksheet

Exercise #1 (Homework)
Exercise #1 Solution

Notes for 27 Jan (PDF)

Feb 3Entering and Manipulating Data

Example 2 Worksheet

Exercise #2 (Homework)

Data Sets

Notes for 3 Feb (PDF)

Feb 10Formulas and Functions

Sums Worksheet
Modelling Worksheet
Pascal's Triangle Worksheet

Exercise #3 (Homework)
Exercise #3 Solution

Notes for 10 Feb (PDF)

Feb 17Formulas and Functions (cont.)

Sequences Worksheet
Fibonacci Internet Resources

Fractal Worksheet

Exercise #4 (Homework)
A Possible Solution for Fern

Notes for 17 Feb (PDF)

Feb 24Formating and Printing
Charts and Graphs

Mass Add-Drop Form
Semester Hours

Eval 94 & 99
MPE 2000

Exercise #5-A (Homework)

Notes for 24 Feb (PDF)

Mar 3Charts and Graphs (cont.)

Body Fat Worksheet

Exercise #5-B (Homework)

Notes for 3 Mar (PDF)

Mar 10Excel PostTest
Maple Pre-Test

Post Excel Exam

Source Files for Excel Exam
         Solution for post-1
         Solution for post-2
         Solution for post-3

Pre Maple Exam

Maple Tutorial

Coded Grade Spreadsheet
         Last Updated: 12 May 2003

Mar 24Arithmetic Computations

Outline of Maple Topics

Programming Worksheet

Worksheet #1

Notes for 24 Mar (PDF)

Mar 31Algebraic Manipulations

Sum & Sequences Worksheet

Worksheet #2

Notes for 31 Mar (PDF)

Apr 7Solving Equations

Worksheet #3

Notes for 7 Apr (PDF)

Apr 28Graphing Basics

Worksheet #4

Notes for 28 Apr (PDF)

May 5Graphing Basics (cont.)

Maple Post Test - Part 1

May 12Maple PostTest

Maple Post Test - Part 2