Project Part I Grading Criteria

Project Part I

_____ Collection of Data (8 points)

bulletAt least 5 variables of which at least 4 are quantitative.
bulletAt least 100 observations per variable.

_____ Computation of Descriptive Statistics (8 points)

bulletFor each quantitative variable, compute the mean, median, standard deviation, first and third quartiles, range, interquartile range, and interquartile range.  Find any outliers.
bulletFor each qualitative variable, compute the sample percentage for each answer. Identify any outliers.
bulletAs appropriate, compute statistics for paired data.  For example, if you asked people their gender and age, compute the average age for just the males and the average age for just the females.

_____ Graphs and Charts (8 points)

bulletAt least 6 charts which reveal something useful about the data.  For example, you might consider a box plot or stem and leaf plot for the quantitative variables, or perhaps a pie chart or bar graph for the qualitative variables. 
bulletYou should create charts for interesting paired data, for example, a bar chart showing the heights of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

_____ Analysis of the Results (16 points)

bulletHow exactly did you collect your data? Describe any relevant factors such as location, time of day, etc.
bulletWere there any biases or weaknesses in your sampling process? (It is ok if there were, so long as you identify them and their causes.)   How many people refused to answer?  In other words, how well do you think your sample represented your population? 
bulletExamine each of the statistics you found above (means, medians, std deviations, etc) and comment on what they tell you. (For example, "since our s is large, then we know... " etc) Not every statistic will be meaningful for every variable or every group. 
bulletExamine the graphs you created. What conclusions can you draw from them?
bulletDiscuss any outliers you had and their possible causes.

_____ Report format (5 points)

bulletReport looks professional and is well-written.  Spelling and grammar are correct.  It is written as a report, not a list of answers to questions.
bulletThe report is well-organized and readable.  
bulletColor and graphics used well. 

_____ Baseline Total 45 points (out of 50)

     Grading Adjustments

bulletCollection of Data 3 point deductions for missing variables or data values
bulletCompuations 3 point deductions for missing computations
bulletGraphs & Charts 3 point bonuses for exceptional graphs/charts illuminating data analyses;
3 point deductions for missing graphs/charts
bulletAnalysis of Results 5 point bonuses for detailed, illuminating data analyses;
5 point deductions for missing data analyses
bulletCollection of Data 3 point bonuses for exceptional presentation/format;
3 point deductions for non-professional presentation/format