Graduate Students Directed

1.      Tina Gaumond, Ph.D. Expected graduation: Spring 2010

2.      Jeremy Hedges, M.S., August 2005.  Thesis: “A perturbation analysis of nonlinear constrained vibrations.”

3.      Jacqueline Fowler, M.A., August 2005.  Report: ``Essential Resources and Cost Effectiveness of Online Mathematics Course."

4.      Zachary Kemp, M.S., May 2004.  Thesis: “The Stability and Control of Musculotendon Dynamics.”

5.      Samantha Bouquin, M.S., May 2004.  Thesis: “The Dynamics of a Constrained, Nonlinear Oscillator.”

6.      Stephanie Miller, M.S., May 2002.  Thesis: “Dynamical Models of Cranial Kinesis.”

7.      Doug Meador, M.S., August 2000.  Thesis: “The Dynamics and Control of a Planar Articulating Segmental Model.”

8.      Allen Miller, M.S., August 2000.  Thesis: “Vibrations of Nonhomogeneous media and the Prediction of Mechanical Resonance in Human Tibia.”

9.      Jaysyn Voshell, M.S., August 1999.  Thesis: “Stress Analysis of the Femur.”

10.   Pamela Lockwood-Cooke Ph.D., December 1998 (co-directed with C. Martin).  Dissertation: “A Dynamic 3D Model of Human Eye Movement.”

11.   Albert McSpadden, M.S., May 1998.  Thesis: “A Mathematical Model of Human Saccadic Eye Movement.”

12.   Yssa DeWoody Ph.D., May 1998 (co-directed with C. Martin).  Dissertation: “The Role of Musculoskeletal Dynamics and Neuromuscular Control in Stress Development and Remodeling in Bone.”

13.   Rob Robleto, M.S., August 1997.  Thesis: “Analysis of Musculotendon Dynamics of Hill-Based Models.”

14.   Tamas Jakab, M.S., May 1997.  Thesis: “A Mathematical Model of Muscular Control.”

15.   Rajan Alex Ph.D., May 1994.  Thesis: “An Analytical and Finite Element Analysis of Fracture in Nonhomogeneous Viscoelastic Material.”

16.   Valissa Kay Smith M.A., May 1994.  Thesis: “A Radial Bound for the Filled Julia Set.”

17.   Yancey Nunez, M.S., May 1993.  Thesis: “Problems of Optimal Design in Solid Mechanics.”

18.   Kesheng Yu, M.S., May 1992.  Thesis: “Analytic Representations of Biharmonic Functions with Applications to Mixed Boundary Value Problems.”

19.   Donald Ryan, M.S., May 1991.  Thesis: “Integral Equations with Cauchy Type Kernels with Applications in Dislocation Theory.”

20.   Brian Christiansen, M.S., May 1991.  Thesis: “The Numerical Solution of a Fredholm Integral Equation with a Weakly Singular Kernel.”

21.   Bijan Pashaie, M.S., May 1990.  Thesis: “Wave Propagation in a Nonhomogeneous Elastic Rod.”

22.   Doug Kellam, M.A., August 1990.  Thesis: “A Regular Perturbation Analysis of the Nonlinear Equation of Motion for a Vibrating Rod.”

23.   Scott Brisendine, M.S., May 1988.  Thesis: “An Opening Mode Crack in a Nonhomogeneous Elastic Material.”

24.   William Todd Timmons, M.S., May 1988.  Thesis: “An Analysis of an Antiplane Shear Crack in a Nonhomogeneous Elastic Medium.”


Membership on Graduate Advisory Committees (16 PhD, 29 Masters)

Calandra Brazille, MS Mathematics (2007).  Menaka Navaratrna, MS Mathematics (2006).  Kyle Kundomal, MS Mathematics (2006).  Tina Gaumond, MS Mathematics (2005).  Preeda Meekangvan, MS Mechanical Engineering (2004).  Cody Moody, MS Mechanical Engineering (2004).  Channa Navaratna, PhD Mathematics (2003).  Pantaleon Perera, PhD Mathematics (2003). Duminda Randeniya, MS Mathematics (2003).  Menaka Navaratna, MS Mathematics (2003).  Nilmini Wijeratne, MS Mathematics (2003).  Kimberly Drews, PhD Mathematics (2002).  C. Navaratna, MS Mathematics (2001).  Nadara jah Kirupaharan, MS Mathematics (1999). Sumanmalee Sugathadasa, MS Mathematics (1999).  N. Wang, MS Mathematics (1999).  Pantaleon Perera, MS Mathemtics (2001).Kathleen Gilliam, PhD Mathematics (1998).  James Conn, MS Mathematics (1998).  Karen Siekerd, MS, Royal Institue of Technology, Stockholm (1997).  Gabriella Pinter, PhD Mathematics (1997).  Jack Tomlinson, PhD Mathematics (1997.  Andres Balough, PhD Mathematics (1997).  Istvan Lauko, PhD Mathematics (1997).  David Thrasher, MS Mathematics (1997).  Heinrik Ergstadt, MS, Royal Institue of Technology (1996).  Nwojo Agwu, PhD Mathematics (1996).  Karl Havlak, PhD Mathematics (1996).  Ron Howard, MS Mathematics (1996).  Bian Ango, PhD Mathematics (1995).  Glenn Bear, MS Mathematics (1995).  Zaichao Xu, MS Mathematics (1994).  Kimberly McGowen, MS Mathematics (1994).  Jianqu He, PhD Mathematics (1993). Russel Simmons, MA Mathematics (1993).  Qiu Shi Zheng, MS Mathematics (1992).  Xiaoning Li, MS Mathematics (1992).  Kendall Richards, PhD Mathematics (1991).  Carrie Chatfield, MA Mathematics (1991).  Lihua Xie, MS Mathematics (1991).  Tai-Lang Jong, PhD Electrical Engineering (1990).  Issam Ayoubi, PhD Mathematics (1989).  Allan Smith, MS Electrical Engineering (1989).  Kallappa Koti, PhD Mathematics (1988).  Jim Cox, MS Mathematics (1988).  George Pappus, MS Electrical Engineering (1987).