Known Limits

Here is a short listing of some things I know could be improved.

Which features have or have not been added to Sundance is largely a function of what is needed for my various research projects and those of my Sandia collaborators. If you need something that isn't there, please contact me; if there is demand for something I am more likely to justify to Sandia the effort required to add it. And it's open source, so you can always add things yourself!

Documentation and Diagnostics


Equation and discretization types

Version 1.0 supported all of the features in the above list, so I can confidently say it won't be hard to add them. If you have a need for them, please let me know.

Element types


Some more fundamental limitations

These are features that are quite possible to do in Sundance, would take some significant effort to add. They weren't present in version 1.0, and so I probably don't fully understand all the design issues.

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