Seminar in Applied Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Texas Tech University

Spring 2014 - Wednesday, 4-5 pm - Room MATH 111

Jan. 22 Thanuka Pathiranage, Texas Tech University
Error Analysis for Harmonic Tracking Algorithm (HTA) Using Geometric Control [abstract]
Jan. 29 Thinh Kieu, Texas Tech University
A family of steady two-phase generalized Forchheimer flows and their linear stability analysis [abstract]
Feb. 5 Prof. Kevin Long, Texas Tech University
Automatic Differentiation (part I)
Feb. 12 Prof. Kevin Long, Texas Tech University
Automatic Differentiation (part II)
Feb. 19 Prof. Lance Drager, Texas Tech University
Observability of Permutations and Stream Ciphers
Feb. 26 Prof. Igor Volobouev, Texas Tech University, Department of Physics
Local Orthogonal Polynomial Expansion for a Semiparametric Mixture Model [abstract]
Mar. 5-6 Distinguished Lecture Series [info]
Prof. Jim Keener, University of Utah
Mar. 10-12 Dayawansa Memorial Lecture Series [info]
Prof. John Baillieul, Boston University
Mar. 15-23 Spring Break. No talks.
Mar. 26 Profs. Roger Barnard and Alex Trindade, Texas Tech University
Tail Mean Estimation is More Efficient than Tail Median: Evidence from the Exponential Power Distribution [abstract]
(jointly with the Analysis Seminar)
Apr. 2 Janitha Gunatilake, Texas Tech University
A hierarchical basis multigrid method for p-type finite elements using domain decomposition smoothing [abstract]
Apr. 9 No talks because of incoming AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting.
Apr. 10 *** Colloquium Talk *** (place and time TBD)
Prof. Alexander Nazarov, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia, and Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences
The Aleksandrov-Bakelman maximum principle [abstract]
Apr. 11-13 *** AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting ***
Departmental Event, Friday - Sunday
Apr. 16 Dr. Mikhail Surnachev, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences
On the density of smooth functions in weighted Sobolev spaces with variable exponent [abstract]
(jointly with the Analysis Seminar)
Apr. 23 Cancelled due to unexpected circumstances.
Apr. 30 Ian Scott-Fleming, Texas Tech Climate Science Center
Reconstructing a data stream for Climate Modeling from sparsely sampled signals - Fourier domain works, but is there a better way? [abstract]