Seminar in Applied Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Texas Tech University

Spring 2009 - Wednesday, 4-5 pm - Room MATH 111

Jan. 14Primary meeting and the first talk
Prof. Robert Kirby, Texas Tech University
From functional analysis to iterative methods, [abstract]
Jan. 21 Prof. Robert Kirby, Texas Tech University
From functional analysis to iterative methods (continued), [abstract]
Jan. 28 Prof. Bijoy Gosh, Texas Tech University
Recent progress on the problem of eye movement
Feb. 4 Prof. Raegan Higgins, Texas Tech University
Generalized Exponential Function on a Time Scale, [abstract]
Feb. 11 Prof. Akif I. Ibragimov, Texas Tech University
On regularity at minus infinity of the solution of the parabolic equation of second order, [abstract]
Feb. 20 Prof. Michele Benzi, Emory University
Localization Phenomena in Matrix Functions: Theory and Applications, [abstract]
Friday, MA 114, 10:00am
Feb. 25 Prof. Robert Kirby, Texas Tech University
Finite element matrices and Bernstein polynomials, [abstract]
Mar. 4No talks
Mar. 11 Adem Cakmak, Texas Tech University
Optimal Control of A Fluid-structure Interaction Problem, [abstract]
Mar. 18Spring break. No talks.
Mar. 25 Prof. Luan Hoang, Texas Tech University
Forchheimer equations in porous media: Part I, [abstract]
Prof. Dung Le, UT San Antonio
Regularity of weak solutions to strongly coupled elliptic/parabolic systems via nonlinear heat approximation methods, [abstract]
Thursday, MA 114, 3:30pm
Prof. Kumbakonam Rajagopal, Texas A&M University
A hierarchy of models for the flow of fluids through porous solids, [abstract]
Thursday, MA 114, 3:30pm
Prof. Wei Kang, Naval Postgraduate School
Pseudospectral Methods of Nonlinear Optimal Control, [abstract]
Wednesday, MA 114, 4:00pm
Apr. 22 Prof. Alex Wang, Texas Tech University
Output Feedback Pole Assignment: When are the Problems Linear?, [abstract]