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My research concerns asymptotic theory of rank and order statistics; projection pursuit and robust statistics; large deviations and statistical applications; quantum probability; empirical processes and statistical applications; nonparametric classification; time series; random censoring; statistics in manifolds; ill-posed problems; application of perturbation theory to functional data analysis.

Published, accepted for publication

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MC-Tract, MC-Syllabus

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    Unpublished Reports

  3. Handleiding voor het gebruik van de toets van m rangschikkingen en een daaraan ontleende methode voor meervoudige vergelijking. Report SN 4/74, Math. Centre, Amsterdam (1974). (In Dutch.)
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Formally I have been co-advisor during the preparation of two Ph.D. theses, without having actually contributed to the research. On the other hand, I have been rather much involved in the preparation of the theses

  1. Empirical Distributions and Rank Statistics, by M.C.A. van Zuijlen (1976, advisor W.R. van Zwet),
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without having been the formal advisor. I have been an advisor in the preparation of the dissertations

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