Research Interests

My research strengths and interests are in developing novel mathematical and software tools for biomedical
        image analysis and extract important physical information via advanced data visualization techniques.


                               Prior and Ongoing Research:                                                                                      


Reconstruction of corneal surface as smoothing spline for non-rectangular domains that is optimal in modeling the  local and global features of the data. Staistical evaluation of the quality of the reconstruction is done by using simulataneous confidence and prediction bands. [Iyer, Nasrin, See, and Mathews, IEEE Trans. of Med. Imaging 36(2):518-526 ]

Simultaneous computation of diagnostic parameters for corneas such as elevation, pachymetry, and true mean curvature, are obtained from reconstructed corneal surface by novel quartic spline approach.  We validate our algorithm by comparing elevation maps obtained by ATLAS and by our algorithm using data from Zeiss AS-OCT.

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