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Class Materials

Fall 2014 

Math 4354 and Math 5315

Calendar for Math 4354

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Math 4354-001

Differential Equations II

Final Exam
Saturday, May 10
1:30pm to 4:00pm
Usual Classroom

One letter sized sheet of
notes (both sides).

Bring a TI-89 type calculator

Course Information [PDF]

Notes on Linear Systems of
Differential Equations [PDF]

Diagonalization Examples [Maple]

Written Assignment 1 [Maple]
Corrected Version 1/30/14

Printout of Written
Assignment 1 [PDF]

Nodiagonalizable Examples [Maple]

Written Assignment 2 [Maple]

  Printout of Written
Assignment 2 [PDF]

  Complex Eigenvalues
Examples [Maple]

Forced System Examples [Maple]

Exam 1 (Takehome) [Maple]

Printout of Exam 1[PDF]

Webwork online homework site
Your username is you eraider name.  The initial password is your ID number (including the "R").

Exam 2, Takehome [PDF]
Due April 17

Calendar for Math 5315


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Math 5315-001
Set Theory

Final Exam

Friday, May 9
4:30pm to 7:00pm
Usual Classroom

Course Information [PDF]

Link to Errata for
Smullyan and Fitting 

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