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Class Materials

Spring 2013


Calendar for Math 3350

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Math 3350-D01
Higher Math for
Engineers and Scientists I
  (Distance Education)

Course Information [PDF]

Proctoring Form [PDF]
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Testing Centers

Link to Online Homework Site

Exam 1 Questions [PDF]

Exam 2 Questions [PDF]

Summary of Laplace Transforms [PDF]

Exam 3, Takehome Exam [PDF]
Due Date: Dec. 2

Notes for
Introduction to Bessel

Calendar for Math 3360

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Math 3360
Foundations of Algebra I
TTh 9:30am

Room Change!!

Our Meeting Room has
Been Moved to Math 014

Free  ebook
(considered required reading!)

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Blast into Math

Course Information [PDF]

Exam 1 Questions [PDF]

Homework Set 11/20 [PDF]

Heptagon Figure [PDF]

  Octagon Figure [PDF]

Side of a Die [jpeg]

  All Rotations of a Cube [PDF]

Maple Worksheet for All
Rotations of a Cube [Maple]

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Last Updated: 10/31/2013