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Fall 2012



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Math 3430-001
Computational Techniques for
Science and Mathematics
  MWF 12:00 Noon
Lab MW 1:00pm

Course Information [PDF]


Notes 1 (8/29) [Maple]

Worksheet 1 [Maple]

Solution to the last part of
Worksheet 1 [Maple]

Notes 2 (9/10) [Maple]

Worksheet 2 [Maple]

Notes 3 [Maple]

Worksheet 3 [Maple]

Quiz 1 [Maple]

Notes 4 [Maple]

Worksheet 4 [Maple]

Exam 1 [Maple]

Notes 5 [Maple]

Worksheet 5 [Maple]
Corrected Version

Worksheet 6 [Maple]

Notes 7 [Maple]

Worksheet 7 [Maple]

  Quiz 2 [Maple]

Notes 8 [Maple]

Worksheet 8 [Maple]

Notes 9 [Maple]

Worksheet 9 [Maple]

Exam 2 [Maple]

Corrected Final Exam [Maple]


Math 5316-001
Applied Linear Algebra
MWF 11:00am

Course Information [PDF]

Assignment 1 [PDF]

Partial Reduction Procedure [Maple]

Examples: Subspaces
Associated with a Matrix [Maple]

Examples: Basis Computations [Maple]

Exam 1 [PDF]

Maple Worksheet to go with
Exam 1 [Maple]

Assignment 2 [PDF]

Notes on Jordan Form [PDF]
2012-11-26 15:13:04

Maple Worksheet on
Jordan Form [Maple]

Notes on the web for Jordan and other canonical forms (K.R. Matthews)

Maple Worksheet on
Real Jordan Form [Maple]

Maple Worksheet on
  Gram-Schmidt [Maple]

Notes on Gram-Schmidt and
Adjoints [PDF]

Takehome Final (Exam 2) [PDF]

Due Saturday, Dec. 8 by 5pm.

Maple Worksheet to go with
Exam 2 [Maple]

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