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Class Materials

  Spring 2010

Math 1352-010
Calculus II
MWF 12:00N, Math 108

Final Exam
Monday, May 10
Room Math 114

Course Information [PDF]

Pencil and Paper Assignments

Online Homework Site (Webwork)

Some Useful Reduction Formulas [PDF]

Exam 1, Version 1 Questions [PDF]

Exam 1, Version 2 Questions [PDF]

Exam 2, Version 1 Questions [PDF]

Exam 2, Version 2 Questions [PDF]

Takehome Exam !!! [PDF]

Math 5319-001
Intermediate Analysis
MWF 3:00, Room 112

Course Information [PDF]

Remarks on Sequences and
Improper Integrals[PDF]

Takehome Exam [PDF]

Review for First Exam [PDF]
Review for Final Exam [PDF]

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