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  Fall  2010


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Math 3351-002
Higher Mathematics for
Engineers and Scientists II
MWF 9:00am, Math 114

Course Information [PDF]

  Online Homework Site (Webwork)

Practice Problems 1 [PDF]

Answers to Practice Problems 1 [PDF]

Practice Problems 2 [PDF]

Answers to Practice Problems 2 [PDF]

Practice Problems 3 [PDF]

Answers to Practice Problems 3 [PDF]

Take-home Exam (Exam 3) [PDF]
Revised Version

Due Monday, Dec. 6

Math 3430-001
Computational Techniques for
Science and Mathematics
MWF 12:00N,  Room 09/113

Course Information [PDF]

Worksheet 1 [Maple]

Worksheet 2 [Maple]

Worksheet 3 [Maple]

Practice Quiz #1 [Maple]

Worksheet 4 [Maple]

Practice Quiz #2 [Maple]

Worksheet 5 [Maple]

Worksheet 6 [Maple]

Answers to Practice Quiz #2 [Maple]

Practice Quiz #3 [Maple]

Exam #1 [Maple]

  Worksheet 7 [Maple]

Practice Quiz #4 [Maple]

  Worksheet 8 [Maple]

  Worksheet 9 [Maple]

Worksheet 10 [Maple]

Worksheet 11 [Maple]

Exam 2 [Maple]

Worksheet 12 [Maple]

Practice Quiz #5 [Maple]

Exam 3 [Maple]

Worksheet 13 [Maple]

Worksheet 14 [Maple]

Final Exam [Maple]

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