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Class Materials

   Fall 2007

Math 3351-010
Higher Mathematics for
Engineers and Scientists II

  MWF 10:00, Room Math 012
Lab Session Tuesday, 1:00 EE 222

Course Information [PDF]

Worksheet # 1 [Maple]

Worksheet # 2 [Maple]

Eigenvalue Examples [Maple]

Eigenvalue Assignment [PDF]

Exam 1 [Maple Version]
Take home exam, Due Oct. 22

Exam 1 [PDF Version]

Exam #2 [Maple]

  Exam #2 [HTML version]
(Worksheet title is "worksheet 3")
Due Wednesday, Nov 28

  Solving Systems of ODEs [Maple]

Solving Systems of ODEs [HTML]

ODE Systems Graphic Demos [Maple]
ODE Systems Graphic Demos [HTML]

Exam #3 [Maple]

  Jordan Deomposition [Maple]

  Jordan Deomposition [PDF]

Math 2350-007
Calculus III
  MWF 2:00, Room Math 109

Course Information [PDF]

Webworks site

Exam Review Problems

Exam 1 Questions [PDF]

Homework Assignments

Exam 2 Questions [PDF]

Exam 3 (Takehome) [PDF]

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