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Copies of Lecture Slides
and Useful Links

Part 1 [PDF]

Part 2 [PDF]

Part 3 [PDF]

Multiplication Table
for D(3) [PDF]

Names for the
Frieze Groups [PDF]

Flow Chart for Classifying
Freize Patterns [PDF]

An Explanation of the
Conway Symbols

Frieze Patterns
to Practice On

Flowchart for Classifying
Wallpaper groups [PDF]

List of Wallpaper Groups, with
Example Patterns,
Patterns Marked with
Group Features

Example Patterns with
Animation of the

Escher Drawings
to Practice On

Frieze and Wallpaper
Group Resources

Classify These

Here are the wallpaper patterns handed out in Class.  Attendents are invited to e-mail their classifications to me at drager@math.ttu.edu (Subject: wallpaper) and I will post the answers I receive.  If you want me to put your name on the answers, please say so.   [These are all PDF files.]

A02 A03 A04 A05 A06
A07 A08 A09 A10 A11

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Last Updated: 05/03/04