STA 6166 Web Section Announcements - Trindade

Students should check this list often (daily if possible, but at least once per week) for important announcements.


Some cautionary remarks for the web students: In my view the technology for offering a distance web-based course such as this one, is either barely there and/or has not yet been fully implemented here to its fullest extent. The slides which constitute the lecture notes are merely an outline of the material; much verbal filling in, reinforcement, and examples, takes place during a live lecture. The narrations we have added to the slides are only a first small step in this direction, much more still needs to be added. Also, questions involving formulas which can be quickly discussed face-to-face, become problematic over the telephone or via email. All this means a distance student must be highly disciplined and self-motivated, putting in substantial more time by augmenting the material with additional readings from the text and discussions with the instructor. Be prepared to work hard!