Math 3360–02 – Foundations of Algebra I

Spring 2017

Textbook: A. Papantonopoulou — Algebra, Pure & Applied
Lectures: TR 11am–12:20pm in M&C168
Office hours: TR 3:30pm–5pm, and by appointment
Material covered: Chs. 1–3, 0.3.30–38, ch. 4, and chs. 6–7
Grading: During the term, there will be two in-class exams, each taking up an entire class period. Additionally, there will be ten homework assignments, of which five (of your own choosing) may be resubmitted within a week of the original due date. The final grade will be computed according to the following percentages:
In-class exams: 30% (15% each)
Homework: 50% (5% each)
Final exam: 20%
The dates of the in-class exams are March 1 and April 12.
Important dates:
Jan. 18: First day of classes
March 10–18: Spring Break
April 2: No classes
May 8: Last day of classes
May 12: Final exam, 1:30pm–4pm

Learning outcomes:

Students learn how to think and reason abstractly in the context of algebraic structures, and learn how to write correct and clear mathematical arguments in this context. Concepts to be mastered by the students include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Groups and group homomorphisms;
  • Group actions;
  • Rings and ring homomorphisms.
Learning assessment: The expected learning outcomes for the course will be assessed through in-class exams and activities, homework assignments and class discussions.
Date Material covered Suggested exercises Other
1/18 1.1 1.1: 16, 18, 26
1/23 1.1, 0.3.30–38, 1.2 0.3: 24; 1.2: 1, 8, 20 First homework assignment
1/30 Second homework assignment
2/6 Third homework assignment
2/13 Fourth homework assignment
2/20 Fifth homework assignment
3/1 First in-class exam
March 10–28: Spring Break
3/20 Sixth homework assignment
3/27 Seventh homework assignment
4/3 Eighth homework assignment
4/12 Second in-class exam
4/17 Ninth homework assignment
4/24 Tenth homework assignment
5/12 Final exam, 1:30pm–4pm
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Special arrangements: Any student who, because of a disability, may require special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make any necessary arrangements. The student should present appropriate verification from Student Disability Services during the instructor's office hours. Please note instructors are not allowed to provide classroom accommodations to a student until appropriate verification from Student Disability Services has been provided.

Religious holy days: (1) “Religious holy day” means a holy day observed by a religion whose places of worship are exempt from property taxation under Texas Tax Code §11.20.

(2) A student who intends to observe a religious holy day should make that intention known in writing to the instructor prior to the absence. A student who is absent from classes for the observance of a religious holy day shall be allowed to take an examination or complete an assignment scheduled for that day within a reasonable time after the absence.

(3) A student who is excused under section 2 may not be penalized for the absence; however, the instructor may respond appropriately if the student fails to complete the assignment satisfactorily.