Mathematics Placement Exam -- FAQ

1. How do I get my placement code?

Answer: Go to This page also appears when you follow the links to take the placement exam starting at When you get there, you may notice that you saw this page on the way to the placement exam. You may be asked to authenticate via eRaider if you're not currently logged in. Your scores should appear in a table on this page. If your last attempt hasn't been scored, click the Grade Tests button.

2. I was told I only had to take the first part of the test up to question 41 for the Math course I needed. But when I submitted my test, it reported that I correctly answered so many questions out of 59. Why were the questions I didn't need to answer counted?

Answer: They weren't. What is reported to you immediately after you finish the test is your raw score.

The test is internally divided into 5 sections. Some time after you take the test, your test will be scored, and your scores on each of the subsections will be computed. These scores will be used to find your placement code. You will actually be given a list of 6 numbers after your test is scored: the scores on the 5 subsections, and the placement code. The sections are MTH1, which is questions 1-11, MTH2, which is questions 12-34, MTH3, which is questions 35-41, MTH4, which is 42-50, and MTH5, which is 51-59. If you don't make an adequate score on the earlier sections, the later sections are not even taken into account.

MTH2, which is on basic algebra, is the most heavily weighted of the earlier sections. At least 13 of these questions must be answered correctly to achieve a code 3. In addition, a total of 29 must be answered correctly on sections MTH1 through MTH3 to achieve a code 4. MTH4 and MTH5, on trigonometry and analytical geometry respectively, are relevant only if you need to take Calculus or Analytical Geometry, and a minimum of 5 questions must be answered correctly in each part to achieve a code 7 (provided you make at least a code 4 on the first three sections.)

3. I finished the test and it told me I got a 1 (or a 2) and I'm sure I did better than that.

Answer: As soon as you click the "Grade test" button, you will get a screen which reports your raw score, and which should also contain a line that looks like:

Your score on this test ( 1) WAS recorded.
The "1" is not your placement code. It is the attempt number. If this is the second time you've attempted the test, the number should be a "2". See the answer to question 1 to see how you actually find your placement code.