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SuMAc: Summer Math Academy

Summer Math Academy at Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech Summer Math Academy (SuMAc) is a week long, hands-on, Mathematics Academy offered to local high school students with the desire to further their knowledge, understanding, and interest of Digital Image Analysis. In recent years, the content has focused on Digital Image Analysis through the use of tools from various areas of Mathematics and Statistics -- Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. Students will develop their understanding through programming, mathematics, and research. SuMAc will be concluded with a small reception to celebrate what they learned throughout the week.

The topics for the interactive lectures will focus on a number of mathematical and statistical concepts that arise in digital image processing and analysis, including image representation, color schemes, differences between images, image denoising, edge detection, and scene identification. Among the mathematical concepts, these topics involve matrices and arrays, changes of coordinates, notions of distance, averaging, rates of changes, and classification. Students will explore these concepts through the use of pre-written code and graphical interfaces using the computer software MATLAB. In addition to the mathematics of image analysis, lectures and activities will also look at some real world applications of the concepts and how image analysis is portrayed in the media.

Interested in participating in SuMAc?

All area local high school students and math teachers are invited to contact us, if interested in participating.

Tiffany Frias, Senior Business Assistant


(806) 834-6292