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PRISM: Proactive Recruitment in Introductory Science and Mathematics

In 2010, the National Science Foundation named Texas Tech University as recipient of one of several PRISM awards (award no. 1035096). The Texas Tech University award of the PRISM initiative utilized integrated biomathematics research experiences for students entering their last year of high school or the first two years of undergraduate study at Texas Tech University. Participants participated in a faculty-led summer research experience and received summer stipends of $1,200. Participants enrolled full-time at Texas Tech University as math or science majors also received $3,000 in scholarship funding for their freshman and sophomore years.

The Texas Tech University PRISM Initiative was broken into two programs: the Pre-College PRISM (PRE-PRISM) Program, and the PRISM Scholars Program. PRE-PRISM Scholars participated during the summer between their junior and senior year of high school, and received preferred admission status for the PRISM Scholars Program the following year, which targeted Texas Tech freshmen and sophomores majoring in mathematics or biology.

For your convenience, details of the previous years of Texas Tech's programs are linked below. Please take a moment to explore our program, and feel free to contact the TTU PRISM staff if you have additional questions. Additionally, please view more information about other PRISM programs across the country.

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LAZARUS Zombie Lab

The LAZARUS (Lab for the Analysis of Zombie Activity and Research into Undead Simulations) project is multidisciplinary effort spanning a number of Texas Tech University academic and administrative departments, including PRISM. The lab's efforts are currently focused on the construction of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) supercomputing cluster - codenamed: Schoenberg. The cluster has been developed to initially support the implementation of large-scale zombie outbreak simulations. Future potential applications include broader disease modeling, social network analysis, and digital image analysis applications. Several PRISM Scholars have worked extensive hours on this project.

For more information, please visit the LAZARUS website.