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Tutoring & Study Center

The Tutoring & Study Center, also called The Missouri Club, is a free tutoring service provided by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. Located in Room 106 on the first floor of the Math Building, the TSC is open to all students enrolled at Texas Tech.

Students are welcome in the lab during all operating hours.
(no appointment necessary!)

The TSC is open

Monday - Friday: 9am - 4:30pm

and is closed whenever the University is closed
such as on University holidays
or when the University closes for inclement weather).

Click here for more information on the Tutoring and Study Center.

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 Questions about the TSC?  
Contact: Rachel Harris, TSC Coordinator. 
Office: Room 106D (in the TSC)



Private Tutoring

Private Tutor list

Click Here to view this semester's Tutors & their Schedules

Contemporary Mathematics: 1300

College Algebra:
1320 & 1420

Trigonometry: 1321

Intro to Math Analysis:
1330, 1331, & 1430

Analytical Geometry: 1350

Pre-Calculus: 1550

Calculus with Applications I:

Calculus with Applications II:

Calculus with Applications III:

Statistics: 2300

Higher Mathematics for Engineering Technology:

Linear Algebra: 2360

Elementary Analysis I & II:
2370 & 2371

Higher Mathematics for Engineering Technology:

Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists I & II:
3350 & 3351

Differential Equations I & II:
3354 & 4354

Foundations of Algebra I & II:
3360 & 4360

Numerical Analysis I & II:
4310 & 4312

Mathematical Statistics I & II:
4342 & 4343

Advanced Calculus I & II:
4350 & 4351