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Technology in the Classrooms

There are lecterns housing computer equipment in all the classrooms in the Math Building.
Click here to learn how to operate this technology.

How to Create Personal Home Pages

Guidelines for setting up Personal Home Pages

Individual users on the department's computer network can set up their own web home pages. A formal summary of the university and legal policies which govern web pages can be found on the university's reference page: Computer Use Policies. An informal summary of some of those policies is listed below:

Upon any indication that any of these guidelines have been violated, the Web administrator will review the relevant page. Access may be suspended until the matter is satisfactorily resolved.

Link Your home Page

To have your home page linked from the department's web pages, follow these steps:

A model for creating an initial version of a home page can be accessed by viewing the file template.shtml and then saving it as a local file to be edited and modified. The file "template.shtml" provides a model for constructing tables and lists (unordered lists and ordered lists). It shows how to make an e-mail reference. It illustrates how to make links to additional documents in the user's public_html directory and to documents at other sites. It shows how to insert references to graphical images.

Make corrections as needed.

Access and Security Issues

If you want your web pages to be seen, you must set permissions on them so that everyone can read them.

TECHNO-BABBLE: At a minimum, your home directory must have execute permission for everyone, your public_html directory and all subdirectories of it must have read/execute permission for everyone, and all files under this directory must have read permission for everyone. If you want to "fine tune" access, read the manual page for the "chmod" command.

To make it easier we have provided a script to set your permissions appropriately. The script is called "webfix" and can be run in one of two ways.

  1. If you issue the command "webfix", the minimal changes in permissions will be made to allow access to your web pages.
  2. If you issue the command "webfix paranoid", it will change permissions to make your web pages readable, but will IN ADDITION change permissions on all your other files so that NO ONE but you and the super-user can read them. This form may take a while to run if you have lots of files. If you have already set things up so that no one else has access to your files, this form should not be necessary.

Whenever you make changes to your web pages, you need to make sure any new files you create have the right permissions. A simple way to do this is to run "webfix" again.

Please contact any system administrator if you have any questions.


Once you set up your home page, it can be globally accessed by using the URL "/~username" where "username" is YOUR user name on the department web server.