Summer II, 2019

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MATH 130020160207FACEMTWRF 0800-0950Kasisetti Mudalige, Nilan Manoj ChathurangaMATH001094517
MATH 132020260210FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Atampalage, Madusha Dilhani CMATH001094517
MATH 132022160209FACEMTWRF 1400-1550Fonseka, Hewa Fonsekage Dilini Sri AnneMATH00109200
MATH 133020265758FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Dassanayake, Isuru DilanMATH001124524
MATH 133120260217FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Atapattu Mudiyanselage, Malima SugandikaHOLDEN001524519
MATH 145120267171FACEMTWR 1100-1350Clines, MichaelHOLDEN000064510
MATH 145220267174FACEMTWR 1100-1350Mahanama, ThiliniHOLDEN001214523
MATH 230020260239FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Xu, DongHOLDEN001284525
MATH 230020365761FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Mostafa, G M Fahad BinMATH001094512
MATH 2300C0172175FACEMTWRF 0800-0950, CSTRCA00318260
MATH 234520168807FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Hewa Wellalage, Basitha KavingaMATH001104545
MATH 236020260243FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Herath Mudiyanselage, Ruwani RasanjaliMATH001114615
MATH 236026070555FACE -Rahman, Aminur4030
MATH 2371D0172279ONLIN -Williams, Margaret405
MATH 245020267181FACEMTWR 1100-1350Rana, Md MasudMATH00114458
MATH 331020170336FACEMTWRF 0800-0950Nguyen, PhuongMATH001083010
MATH 334220360245FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Wang, XiaochangMATH001124512
MATH 335020263185FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Pathmanathan, SurekaHOLDEN001064514
MATH 335026135183FACE -Rahman, Aminur4017
MATH 336020162240FACEMTWRF 0800-0950Hamilton, AlastairMATH001114040
MATH 400020161091FACE -Volchenkov, Dimitri10Selected Topics: Adv Calculus II
MATH 400020261092FACE -Allen, Linda11Selected Topics Selected Topics: Mathematical Biology
MATH 400020366853FACE -Volchenkov, Dimitri51Selected Topics : Machine Learning
MATH 433020171390FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Monico, ChristopherMATH001133014
MATH 435020160247FACEMTWRF 0800-0950Volchenkov, DimitriMATH001144010
MATH 435420170721FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Smirnov, VeniaminMATH001114539
MATH 509920167934FACE -Pavlov, Dmitry20Individual Study: Abstract Homotopy Theory II
MATH 509920267935FACE -Bornia, Giorgio53Individual Study: Computational Mechanics
MATH 509920367936FACE -Wang, Min51Individual Study: Robust Analysis for Concordance Correlation Coefficient
MATH 509920467937FACE -Howle, Victoria52Individual Study: Numerical Optimizations
MATH 509920568395FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan52Individual Study: Machine Learning Approach in Identifying Medical Information II
MATH 509920667999FACE -Ibraguimov, Akif52Individual Study: Analytical methods for p-Laplacian equation- 2
MATH 509920768000FACE -Ledet, Arne51Individual Study: An Introduction to Category Theory II
MATH 509920868001FACE -Wang, Chunmei51Individual Study: Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods II
MATH 509920968002FACE -Toda, Magdalena51Individual Study: Minimal Surfaces and Willmore Surfaces
MATH 509921068003FACE -Ellingson, Leif50Individual Study: Statistical Inference on Shape Analysis II
MATH 509921168948FACE -Williams, George50Individual Study: Complex Analysis and Circle Packing II
MATH 509921268949FACE -Volchenkov, Dimitri41Individual Study: Phase space embedding for time series II
MATH 509921368396FACE -Peace, Angela50Individual Study: Mathematical Modeling and Laboratory Experiments
MATH 5367D0171948ONLIN -Lupu, Cezar2016
MATH 700020168829FACE -Howle, Victoria51Research: Quantum Optimization 2
MATH 700020268830FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan50Research: Monte Carlo maximization algorithm to detect imprinting and maternal effects II
MATH 700020370621FACE -Siwatu, Raegan51Research: Discrete Calculus
MATH 700020470622FACE -Monico, Christopher50Research: Cryptography II
MATH 800020161278FACE -Trindade, Adao53
MATH 800020261279FACE -Bornia, Giorgio52
MATH 800020361280FACE -Peace, Angela50
MATH 800020461281FACE -Ellingson, Leif51
MATH 800020568691FACE -Wang, Min52
MATH 800020668692FACE -Allen, Linda52
MATH 800020768791FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan52
MATH 800020868792FACE -Solynin, Alexander51
MATH 800020968793FACE -Su, Jingyong50
MATH 800021068794FACE -Williams, George51
MATH 800021168847FACE -Ibraguimov, Akif50
MATH 800021268848FACE -Ghosh, Souparno51
MATH 800021368849FACE -Rachev, Svetlozar51
STAT 537620168394FACEMTWRF 1400-1550Rachev, SvetlozarMATH000102011Advanced Statistical Methods: Statistical Methods in Credit Risk Modeling
STAT 537620271950FACEMTWRF 1000-1200Su, JingyongMATH001152013Advanced Statistical Methods: Functional and Shape Data Analysis
STAT 631020168369FACE -Wang, Min11