Summer I, 2019

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MATH 130010220401FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Liang, ChuanMATH001124525
MATH 132010320406FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Imiya Mohottige, Lakmini Nadeesha JayaweeraMATH001094530
MATH 132012120404FACEMTWRF 1400-1550Akram, Md WasimMATH00108201
MATH 133010320417FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Islam, RahnumaMATH001144523
MATH 133110332137FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Zhai, QiannanMATH001104533
MATH 145110134040FACEMTWR 0800-1050Kara, ErdiMCOM002684516
MATH 145210134046FACEMTWR 0800-1050Jayarathne, Diyunugalage Gajith NeranjakaMCOM002554545
MATH 1452C0172177FACEMTWR 1400-1650Pouliasis, StamatisCSTRCA00318268
MATH 230010220434FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Dassanayaka Mudiyanselage, Sachith ErangaMATH001114528
MATH 230010320435FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Pangeni, SangamMATH001114528
MATH 236010234059FACEMTWRF 1400-1550Padgett, JoshuaMATH001144527
MATH 236026037070FACE -Iyer, Ram4020
MATH 236026138030FACE -Lee, Jeffrey5031
MATH 245010134051FACEMTWR 0800-1050Samadian Zahraei, AliHOLDEN001214519
MATH 331010126751FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Nguyen, PhuongMATH001123023
MATH 334210220439FACEMTWRF 0800-0950Cheng, YaweiHOLDEN001284519
MATH 334210437169FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Ghosh, SouparnoHOLDEN001064513
MATH 334226037071FACE -Lee, Jeffrey3529
MATH 335010220441FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Cao, DatMATH001104525
MATH 335026036778FACE -Iyer, Ram4017
MATH 335410138922FACEMTWRF 0800-0950Moore, NicholasMATH001114514
MATH 400010136184FACE -Ibraguimov, Akif11Selected Topics Selected Topics: Multidimensional series analyses and its convergence tests
MATH 433010138923FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Padgett, JoshuaMATH001133027
MATH 435010138379FACEMTWRF 0800-0950Surles, JamesMATH001083022
MATH 509911136152FACE -Bornia, Giorgio53Individual Study: Scientific Computing I
MATH 509911236153FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan50Individual Study: Monte Carlo maximization algorithm to detect imprinting and maternal effect
MATH 509911336154FACE -Howle, Victoria51Individual Study: Multivariate Approximation Theory
MATH 509911436155FACE -Ibraguimov, Akif53Individual Study: Analytical methods for p-Laplacian equation- 1
MATH 509911536156FACE -Siwatu, Raegan51Individual Study: Topics in Time Scales Part 2
MATH 509911636157FACE -Ledet, Arne51Individual Study: An Introduction to Category Theory 1
MATH 509911738138FACE -Wang, Chunmei51Individual Study: Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods I
MATH 509911838139FACE -Toda, Magdalena51Individual Study: Numerical Methods for Surface Construction I
MATH 509911938140FACE -Williams, George50Individual Study: Complex Analysis and Circle Packing I
MATH 509912038141FACE -Ellingson, Leif51Individual Study: Statistical Inference on Shape Analysis I
MATH 509912138142FACE -Volchenkov, Dimitri51Individual Study: Phase space embedding for time series I
MATH 509912238227FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan52Individual Study: Machine Learning Approach in Identifying Medical Information I
MATH 509912338228FACE -Peace, Angela52Individual Study: Data Driven Mathematical Modeling
MATH 509913438841FACE -Pavlov, Dmitry10Individual Study: Abstract Homotopy Theory I
MATH 536410171949FACEMTWRF 1000-1150Surles, JamesMATH00115202Computer Literacy and Programming I: SAS
MATH 5366D0171947ONLIN -Lupu, Cezar2020
MATH 539910138409FACEMTWRF 1400-1550Rachev, SvetlozarMATH00010208Advanced Problems: Modeling the Term Stucture of Interest Rate
MATH 631010135631FACE -Toda, Magdalena10
MATH 700010136148FACE -Howle, Victoria51Research: Quantum Optimization 1
MATH 700010236149FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan50Research: Monte Carlo maximization algorithm to detect imprinting and maternal effects
MATH 700010338226FACE -Monico, Christopher50Research: Cryptography I
MATH 800011236158FACE -Trindade, Adao53
MATH 800011336159FACE -Bornia, Giorgio52
MATH 800011436160FACE -Peace, Angela51
MATH 800011536212FACE -Ellingson, Leif51
MATH 800011636213FACE -Bornia, Giorgio50
MATH 800011736215FACE -Allen, Linda52
MATH 800011836216FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan51
MATH 800012037143FACE -Su, Jingyong52
MATH 800012137144FACE -Williams, George51
MATH 800012237145FACE -Ibraguimov, Akif50
MATH 800012337146FACE -Solynin, Alexander51
MATH 800012438143FACE -Ghosh, Bijoy51
STAT 537610170786FACEMTWRF 1200-1350Wang, MinMATH001152020Advanced Statistical Methods: Introduction to Statistical Learning
STAT 600010124041FACE -Zhang, Fangyuan21