MARCH 20-22, 2003

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Here are links to several maps which conference participants may find useful.

The maps in the first collection are Powered by MapsOnUs .  These are drawn when the link is clicked, so may take a few seconds to load.   Also, because of the large gif files they may take a significant fraction of a minute to print.  

Lubbock and the Southwest US

Approaches to Lubbock

Airport and Conference Hotels

Conference Hotels and TTU Campus

Intersection near Conference Hotels

Maps of the Texas Tech University campus:

Overall map of campus  The Lubbock Inn and La Quinta Inn are just off the southwest corner of the map.  Conference talks will be held in the Chemistry Building (CH) in section 13.  The Mathematics Building (MA) is in the same section.  The Library (LI) and University Center (UC) are both located in section 14, just south of the section containing the Chemistry and Mathematics buildings.  (For some reason the building locator built into the main campus map always indicates a location south of the actual building.) For persons driving to campus from the hotels, head east on 19th Street (immediately in front of Lubbock Inn and south of campus) and continue either to Boston Avenue or to University Avenue.  If turning at Boston Avenue, turn left onto campus, then right at the first intersection, going around the University Center and Music Building.  If turning on University Avenue, turn left just after passing campus and proceed to Broadway Street (what would otherwise be 12th Street in the numbering scheme).  Turn left into the main entrance to campus.  The Chemistry and Mathematics Buildings are on the far side of the circle.  We shall provide information on parking on campus available at checkin at the hotels.

Airport Terminals

Dallas - Ft. Worth Airport.  American Airlines uses terminals A, B and C with most American Eagle flights leaving from the A2 satellite terminal. Delta Airlines flights use terminal E with Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Delta Connection) also leaving from terminal E.

Houston Intercontinental Airport.
 Continental Airlines uses terminals B, C and D with Continental Express flights leaving from terminal B.

We do not currently have links to terminal maps for Dallas Love Field (used by Southwest Airlines) or Lubbock airport, but neither terminal should cause difficulties from layout.

Contact:  springtop@math.ttu.edu