Mathematics and Statistics           
REU: Multidisciplinary Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Computation and Control of Biological and Biologically Inspired Systems
June 05, 2006 - July 28, 2006.

All applicants must fill this online application form and submit it. Please provide as much information as possible. Applicants must be junior undergraduate students who will be completing their junior year by June 2006. Students with a strong background in advanced calculus, linear algebra and differential equations are eligible to apply. Women and underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged to apply. Please note that under NSF rules, only U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are eligible to receive stipends and support for housing and travel costs.

Also note that you are not obligated to provide any information on Gender and Ethnicity. However, please note that this is a federally funded program and therefore we are required to track this information. For any further information, please contact:

REU Program
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Box 41042, Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-1042

On-Line Application :

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Citizenship Status : U.S. Citizen
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Current Grade Point Average :
Gender : Female
Ethnicity :

Please provide the name, title, phone and email of your Recommenders
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Please refer to the program webpage and list the top three areas (from A, B, C, D) that you would like to do a project in.
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List Courses that you have taken which are relavant to this REU program. Also list any programming languages or mathematical software tools that you know:

List any employment, or other past research experiences that are relavant to this REU program:



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