Texas Geometry and Topology Conference

2005 Feb. 25,  26 and 27,
Texas Tech University

"TGTC in Flatland"


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Texas Tech Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

The Conference is supported by the National Science
Foundation and Texas Tech University.  Everyone is welcome.
There are no registration fees.

The Texas Geometry and Topology Conference is committed to
the strengthening and enrichment of the mathematics
personnel base.  We will be able to offer some support for
expenses.  Graduate students, junior faculty, women,
minorities, and persons with disabilities are especially
encouraged to participate and to apply for support.



In alphabetical order.

Ruth Gornet,

University of Texas at Arlington

Title: The length spectrum and isospectrality


Brian C Hall,

University of Notre Dame

Title: The Range of the Heat Operator


Klaus Kirsten,

Baylor University

Title: Zeta and Eta Invariants for Dirac Operators with Chiral Bag Boundary Conditions


 John M Sullivan,

Technical University of Berlin

Title: Geometric Knot Theory

Craig J. Sutton,

University of Pennsylvania

Title: Methods for Constructing Isospectral Manifolds


Alejandro Uribe,

University of Michigan

Title: Quantizing (non-Kahler) Compact Symplectic Manifolds


V. S. Varadarajan,

University of California Los Angeles

Title: Super Geometry and Modern Physics

 Zhenghan Wang,

Indiana University

Title: Noncommutative geometry and quantum computing



Lance Drager

Razvan Gelca

Jeffrey Lee

Magdalena Toda

Lance Drager

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