Conference Presentations and Projects

Presentations by Organizers

1. "Epidemic Models: Basic Reproduction Number and Drug Resistance" Linda Allen (LAllen.pdf)

2. "Cannibalism in Predator-Prey Interactions" Sophia Jang (Jang.pdf)

3. "Discrete-Time Competition Models" Lih-Ing W. Roeger (Roeger.pdf)

4. "Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations in Population Biology" Ed Allen (EAllen.pdf)

5. "Animal Movement Models" Rich Strauss (Strauss.pdf)


Drug Treatment and Development of Resistance (Project1.pdf, DrugResistTalk.pdf, StochSIR.m, StochDrug.m)

Discrete-Time Population Model with Cannibalism (Project2.pdf)

Discrete-Time Competition Models (Project3.pdf, NematodesCompetition.m,, SimpleCompetition.m,

Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations in Population Biology (Project4.pdf, SDEproj2010.pdf, SDEProject.m)

Animal Movement Models (Project5.pdf, AnimalMovementProject.m)

Participant Presentations

Nematodes in Your Life (pdf)

Discrete Two-stage population model with cannibalism (pdf)

Stochastic Differential Equations and populations (pdf)


2010 MAAPREP group photo